Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sorting out the Schmidt’s in the Lehigh Church Records, 1750-1790

Sorting out the Schmidt’s in the Lehigh Church Records, 1750-1790

Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA
             Births/Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths  c. 1750-1790

Johan Melchior (Michael) Schmidt & wife Margaretha  - both b bef 1739?
Parents of Maria Elisabeth Schmidt April 8 1759
  • Sponsors for Melchior Figel baptism  April 21 1751
  • Sponsors for Melchior Hamm bapstim, May 21 1758
  • Sponsors for Margaretha Hamm child, March 29 1761
  • Sponsors for Johanes Wetzel baptism, May 11 1766
  • Sponsors for Margaretha Trexler April 19 1772 (parents Johannes and Maria Trexler)
  • Sponsor (not with wife) of Daniel Ruch baptism, April 1798

Johan Adam Schmidt & Wife Barbara – both born bef 1751
   Parents Of  Anna M. Schmidt b July 20 1771, baptized Aug 18 1771
   Parents of Johann A. (Adam maybe?) Schmidt born Aug 19 1773 baptized Oct 24 1773
   Parents of Johannes Schmidt b Nov 25 1774 baptized March 5 1775
·        Confirmed April 22 1791

  • Sponsors for Kraul baptism, Oct 25 1761
  • Sponsors for Adam Derr baptism, Oct 25 1765

    Parents of Maria Schmidt confirmed 1791 b. abt 1777
    Parents of Elisabetha Schmidt  b abt 1779
         (neither one of the above girls are listed in the baptism records, and in the confirmation they are listed with the parent AS – so this is just a guess)

Johan A. Schmidt (the Adam above??)
  • Sponsor for Friedrich Schmoyer March 16 1783.  Wife is not listed with Johan A, bur rather Regina Schmoyer as the other sponsor.  Perhaps Johan A. is Adam’s father?  Or perhaps he is now a widow.  See below

Adam Schmidt and Wife Maria (Adam above? Or child of Balthasar below?)
     Parents of Benjamin Schmidt born June 21 1789 bap 1789 (Dorthea Scmidt one of the sponsors)
     Parents of Jacob Schmidt born Jan 1 1791 bap march 6 1791 (Jacob Schmidt a sponsor)

Balthasar Schmidt & Wife Barbara both b. before 1742?
     Parents of Madalena Schmidt confirmed 1776, born about 1762    
     Parents of Adam Schmidt confirmed Aug 4 1779, born abt 1766
     Parents of Johan George Schmidt, May 25 1766
    • Confirmed April 15 1781
     Parents of Jacob Schmidt –
·        Confirmed April 13 1783, b abt 1769
·        Sponsor for Jacob Schmidt baptism, March 1791
     Parents of Dorthea Schmidt born 12 May 1771, baptized 26 May 1771
·        Confirmed March 25 1785
     Parents of Wilheim Schmidt born Jan 31 1774, baptized Feb 27 1774
     Parents of Johannes Schmidt b. Jan 9 1778 Bap. April 5 1778
     Parents of Wilhelm Schmidt b. Dec 20 1780 bap March 18 1781 (Susana Schmidt is a sponsor)
     Parents of Catherina Schmidt b. March 16 1783 bap June 8 1783
  • Sponsors for Balthasar Braun baptism Dec 9 1765
  • Sponsors for Johan Philip Schmoyer baptism, July 27 1766
  • Sponsors for Maria Mots baptism, June 3 1770
  • Sponsors for Maria Hains baptistm, May 31 1773

Jacob Schmidt (not child of Balthasar, 3 Jacobs confirmed, 1781, 1783 & 1789)
  • Under confirmation listing, parent “FS+” ??  My best guess would be that the F is an A, and this is a child of Adam Smith? 
  • Confirmed April 15 1781, born abt 1767

Peter Schmidt
        Parent of Jacob Schmidt
·        Confirmed 5 april 1789, born abt 1774
·        Sponsor baptism of Peter Albrecht, along with Maria Trexler, May 26 1771
·        Sponsor baptism Elisabetha Kaul Dec 13 1789

Wilhelm (William) Schmidt & Wife Catherina – both born bef 1759?
    Parents of Magdalena Schmidt b June 19 1779, baptized July 25 1779

Johannes Schmidt and wife Christina both b. Bef 1763?
     Parents of Maria B. Schmidt b March 1 1783 bap March 16 1783
·        Sponsors of Susanna Trexler baptism, Nove 21 1784

Heinreich Schmidt and Wife Margaretha both born bef 1775?
    Parents of Johannes Schmidt b aug 6 1794, bap Jan 4 1795

Nicholaus Schmidt
    Parents ofGeorge Scmidt –  b. abt 1743
o       Confirmed 1757

Anna Maria Schmidt b. bef 1751?  Married Caper Hatler april 20 1772

Caty Schmidt b bef 1753?  Married John Markel Sept 5 1773

I would guess that the women below are all Schmidt wives/widows, thus the Schmidt would not be their maiden name -

Anna E. Schmidt
·        Sponsor, along with Jacob Seider, for Jacob Bierer baptism Aug 18 1771

Maria Schmidt –
·        Appears as a third sponsor for an Andreas baby in aug 1777 (only baptism where I see three people listed as sponsors)
·        Appears as sponsor for Benjamin Wetzel baptism, June 1791
·        Appears as sponsor for Anna Maria Gebel baptism, Oct 1800

Susana Schmidt –
·        Sponsor for Wilhelm Schmidt along with Wilhelm Moor, March 1781

Elizabeth Schmidt –
·        Sponsor for J. Heinrich Trees Oct 1781

Dothea Schmidt
·        Sponsor for Benjamin Schmidt in 1789

Notes –
·        Protestants were usually confirmed around age 14, Catholics about age 12 – I used the age 14 as the basis here, and it works out roughly with Balthasars children that were both baptized and confirmed in these records
·        Going by birth records, I guesstimated age 20 at the first childs birth.  That could be WIDELY off, but gave me an approximate range to get started in sorting who is who

Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA
Births/Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths  c. 1750-1790
Wilhelm Figel and wf [?]
Johann Melchior Figel
c1751/21 Apr 1751
Melchior Schmidt and wf [?]
Jacb Hamm and wf Barbara
Johan Melchior Hamm
c1758/28 May 1758
John Melchior Schmid and wf Margaretha
Michael Schmidt and wf [?]
Maria Elisabeth Schmidt
c1759/8 Apr 1759
Joseph Buher? and wf Maria Elisabeth
Jacob Hamm and wf Elisabetha
Margaretha Elisabeth Hamm
c1761/29 Mar 1761
Melchior Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Jacob Kraul and wf Anna
Anna Barbara Kraul
c1761/25 Oct 1761
Adam Schmidt and wf [?]
Lorence Derr and wf [?]
Johan Adam Derr
c1765/25 Oct 1765
Johan Adam Schmidt and wf [?]
George Braun and wf [?]
Johann Balthaser Braun
c1765/9 Dec 1765
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
Henrich Wetzel and wf [?] Johannes Wetzel c1766/11 May 1766 Melchior Schmidt and wf [?]
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
Johan George Schmidt
c1766/25 May 1766
George Braun and wf [?]
Johan Philip Schmoyer and wf [?]
Johan Philip Schmoyer
c1766/27 Jul 1766
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
George Mots and wf Dorothea
Maria Barbara Mots
29 Apr 1770/3 Jun 1770
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Maria Barbara
Joseph Albrecht and wf Susanna
Peter Albrecht
18 Aug 1770/9 Dec 1770
Peter Schmidt and Maria Trexler
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Dorothea Schmidt
12 May 1771/26 May 1771
Dorothea Schmidt
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Anna M. Schmidt
20 Jul 1771/18 Aug 1771
George Strich and wf Anna Maria
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Anna M. Schmidt
20 Jul 1771/18 Aug 1771
George Strich and wf Anna Maria
Michael Bierir and wf Maria E.
Jacob Bieri
23 Feb 1773/25 Apr 1773
Jacob Seider and Anna E. Schmidt
Wilhelm Hains and wf Barbara
Maria Hains
7 Nov 1773/31 May 1773
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johann A. Schmidt
19 Aug 1773/24 Oct 1773
Johannes Schever and wf [?]
Johannes Trexler and wf Maria
Margaretha Trexler
4 Dec 1771/19 Apr 1772
Melchior Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Wilhelm Schmidt
31 Jan 1774/27 Feb 1774
Wilhelm Heens and wf Barbara
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johannes Schmidt
24 Nov 1774/5 Mar 1775
Johannes Schever and wf [?]
Zacharias Andreas and wf Anna Maria
Johann H. Andreas
17 Jul 1777/9 Aug 1777
Heinrich Knobloch's wf, Johannes Klein and Maria E. Schmidt
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johannes Schmidt
9 Jan 1778/5 Apr 1778
George Doll and Catharina Warmkessel
Wilhelm Schmidt and wf Catharina
Magdalena Schmidt
19 Jun 1779/25 Jul 1779
Jeremiah Trexler and wf [?]
Balthasar Schmidt and wf Barbara
Wilhelm Schmidt
20 Dec 1780/18 Mar 1781
Wilhelm Moor and Susanna Schmidt
Johannes Trees and wf Eva
J. Heinrich Trees
1 Sep 1781/29 Oct 1781
Heinrich Doll and Elisabeth Schmidt
Johann P. Schmoyer and wf Magdalena
Friedrich Schmoyer
6 Sep 1782/16 Mar 1783
Johann A. Schmidt and Regina Schmoyer
Johannes Schmidt and wf Christina
Maria B. Schmidt
1 Mar 1783/16 Mar 1783
Herman Schreiber and wf Maria B.
Baltzer Schmidt and wf Barbara
Catharina Schmidt
16 Mar 1783/8 Jun 1783
Michael Hobag and Catharina Schmoyer
Johann P. Trexler and wf Rosina
Susanna Trexler
1 Oct 1784/21 Nov 1784
Johannes Schmidt and wf Susanna
Adam Schmidt and wf Maria
Benjamin Schmidt
21 Jun 1789/26 ... 1789
Jacob Heens and Dorothea Schmidt
Johannes Kaul and wf Elisabetha
Elisabetha Kaul
4 Nov 1789/13 Dec 1789
Peter Schmidt and wf Maria
Adam Schmidt and wf Maria E.
Jacob Schmidt
1 Jan 1791/6 Mar 1791
Jacob Schmidt and Anna Maria Heens
Johannes Wetzel and wf Catharina
Benjamin Wetzel
2 May 1791/26 Jun 1791
Jacob Heens and Maria Schmidt
Heinrich Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Johannes Schmidt
6 Aug 1794/4 Jan 1795
Jacob van Busckirck, Jr
Daniel Ruch and wf Salome
Daniel Ruch
24 Jan 1798/15 Apr 1798
Melchior Schmidt and Susanna Ruch
Hendrich Gebel and wf Maria
Anna Maria Gebel
7 Sep 1800/12 Oct 1800
Ludwig Sauerwein and Maria Schmidt
Confirmations, Lehigh Church ************************
FORMAT:  child, parent(s)
George Schmidt, Nicholaus Schmidt
7 april 1776
Magdalena Schwidt, Balthaser [Schmidt?]
4 Aug 1779
Adam Schmidt, Balthaser
15 Apr 1781
Jacob Schmidt, FS+
George Schmidt, BS
13 apr 1783
Jacob Schmidt, Balthaser
25 Mar 1785
Dorothea Schmidt, BS
5 Apr 1789
Jacob Schmidt, PS
22 Apr 1791
Johannes Schmidt, Adam
Maria Schmidt, AS
31 mar 1793
Elisabetha Schmidt, AS
20 Apr 1772, Casper Hatler and Anna Maria Schmidt (Upper Milford
5 Sep 1773, John Markel and Caty Schmidt*

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