Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Frederick Kemmerer 1701-1778

Frederick Kemmerer
son of
Born 1701 in Germany
Died between November 6 and November 24, 1778 in Zionsville PA
 daughter of
Born  1716
Died November 2, 1804

Children: (8 total)

1742 - Came To America
"he came to America according to tradition in 1742"

from the book Two Centuries of Kemmerer Family History 1730-1929

Frederick Kemmerer received a warrant from the proprietors of the
Colony of Pennsylvania for 150 acres plus 6% for streets. The date of
the return made by the Surveyor General is August 17, 1742 and the name
of the tract was Meadville. On June 27, 1762, this property was sold to
Peter Long and on April 9, 1794 was conveyed by Francis Long and Peter
Long, sons of the afore mentioned Peter Long, to Abraham Schantz for the
consideration of 450 pounds, lawful money, in gold and silver coin. It
remained in possession of the Schantz family for a period of 112 years. 
In 1921 it passed into the possession of Zachary Hutzayluk, a recent

The homestead is located near Dillingersville in Upper Milford
township, Lehigh County. The village bears the name of Heinrich Wilhelm
Dillinger, a friend & neighbor of Frederick Kemmerer.

Frederick Kemmerer's name appears in the register of the 
Lutheran Church at Dillingersville, which was begun in 1749. Since the
baptism of the son Henry, born in 1740, was not entered upon the record,
and those of Rosina, 1744 & Frederick, 1746, were entered among the
baptisms, we presume that the latter two were baptized by the Lutheran
pastor there and entered with the other baptisms when the church record
was opened in 1749. It is therefore reasonable to infer that Frederick
Kemmerer established himself on the land warranted to him, at about the
time of the survey or soon thereafter, at least prior to the baptism of
the daughter Rosina, May 6, 1744. 

In 1757, he, together with a number of others, withdrew from the
church, and became one of the founders of the Zionsville Lutheran
congregation at Old Zionsville, where his remains lie buried in a
unmarked grave in the "Gottes Acker" surrounding the church.

At the time of his naturalization which tool place in the Supreme
Court Room in Independence Hall at Philadelphia, April 11, 1763; he
declared himself a resident of Macungy Township, Northampton county, and
further declared that he had last taken the Sacrament of the Holy
Communion on March 27, 1763. His name is however not found in the tax
return of 1762, but is assessed for 17 pounds in Upper Milford Township. 
For some time he was an Inn Keeper and in 1772 paid tax; 7 pounds, 10
shillings and 3 pence. The Inn was later known as Foster's Inn. In the
return made by the Constable of Upper Milford Township of all the wagons
and horses available for military purposes, Frederick Kemmerer is listed
for two horses and one wagon.

Frederick Kemmerer died between November 6 and November 24, 1778;
the respective dates of the making and probating of his will. Born inn
Germany in 1701, he came to America according to tradition in 1742 and
died in 1778, having passed beyond the allotted time of three score and
ten, and saw, ere he died, the new land to which he came to make his
home, take its place among the free and independent nations of the world.
He raised a family whose descendants are numerous and identified with
every phase of the life of the nation.

His wife, Rosina, born in 1716, died at the home of her son,
Henry, November 2, 1804, aged 87 years. Recorded in the earliest list,
23 March, 1782, as a communicant of the Lutheran Church, Salisbury, PA. 
They had eight children:
I. Henry Kemmerer, born April 4, 1740
II. Rosina, born April 15, 1744, was baptized in the Lutheran
Church of Upper Milford-Dillingersville May 6, 1744. The sponsors were
Heinrich Wilhelm Dillinger and wife Rosina. She was married to George
III. Frederick Kemmerer was born May 24, 1746.
IV. Jacob Kemmerer according to the history of Lehigh County
removed to heidelberg Township. "He was a great hunter, and during his
life shot a vast number of deer. He went to the Wyoming Valley to help
to protect the whites from the horrible slaughter by the Indians. The
land upon which he lived is now owned by Rev. J.S. Renninger, being
adjoining land of the tract formerly owned by Paul & Leonard Stein, now
the property of Monroe Sensinger. He died about the year 1825, at the
age of eighty-eight years. He had a brother Fritz, who was a miller in

If Jacob Kemmerer removed to Heidelberg Township, it was
certainly later than 1754, probably later than 1776. 

The New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church record contains the
following marriage entry: "Nov. 22, 1768, Jacob Kemmerer, son of
Frederick Kemmerer of Upper Milford was married to Elizabeth Maria,
daughter of Andreas Mauer of New Goshenhoppen, by Rev. John Theob.

Children or (John) Jacob Kemmerer and his wife Elizabeth entered
upon the Old Zionsville Lutheran record:
1. Rosina Kemmerer, born September 19, 1769; baptized October
15, 1769; sponsors Heinrich Mauer and Rosina Kemmerer.
2. Johannes Kemmerer, born February 2, 1771, baptized March 17,
1771; sponsors Johannes Wetzel & Christiana Kammerer.
3. Anna Maria Kemmerer, born April 3, 1776; baptized June 6,
1776; sponsors Johannes Kemmerer & Anna Maria Mauer.

V. John George Kemmerer.
VI. Christiana was born March 18, 1755 & died April 10, 1795. 
She was baptized in the above named Lutheran Church May 11, 1755. The
sponsors were Frederick Nungesser and his wife Anna Christina. She was
married to Conrad Neimeyer, Jr. (born 1751) and resided on what was later
know as the Seislove homestead situated on the highway leading from Emaus
to Shimersville. They had ten children: Conrad, Andreas, Jacob,
Charles, Frederick, Christina, Rosina, Elizabeth, Polly & Susan.

VII. John Kemmerer was baptized August 31, 1760. The sponsors
were Johannes Wetzel and wife Johanna.

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