Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Samuel H. Bingaman 1835-1922

Samuel H. Bingaman
son of Yost Henry & Hannah (Hock) Bingaman
Born Dec 25 1835
Died May 9 1922
daughter (one of 17 children!) of Daniel & Catherine (Frederick) Catherman
Born Sept 28 1841
Died Jan. 24 1916

Tamar died at age 1862-1881 

with no living heirs, their entire estate left to Mrs Elizabeth Schell who lived with him and his wife for years.

Samuel was a talented and highly successful tinsmith who also owned a foundry in Laurelton. He also dabbled in real estate and profited from the estates of his parents and some of his siblings. In 1874 he sold a lot for the erection of the Reformed Church in Laurelton. He held a patent for improvements in stove grates. With no living close relatives he left his entire estate to Mrs. Elizabeth Schell who had lived with him and his wife for many years. 

Sarah and William were not available for the photo, so doubles stood in for them and then the photographer pasted their faces over the double's heads later on. Front row left to right: Elias Katherman (1818-1898), Anna (1820-1907, m. Charles P Emery), John F Catherman (1821-1905), Mary Magdalene (1822-1905, m. Samuel Weidensaul), Frederick Katherman (1823-1912), Jacob Catherman (1824-1906), Samuel Cotherman (1826-1909), Catharine (1827-1914, m. Jacob Bitner), George Catherman (1830-1913). In the back row, right to left, Sarah head, (1837-1924, m. Samuel Emerick), Henry F Catherman (1832-1900), Thomas Cotherman (1833-1903), Reuben E Cotherman (1835-1915), Daniel (1840-1933), Amelia (1841-1916, m. Samuel Bingaman, Tamar (1844-1924, m. George L Derr), William Catherman head (1829-1910)


Craftsmen of Union County Bicentennial Series to be at Christkindl

Tinsmith Scott Baylor and blacksmith Bill Clemens both have made items for the Union County Bicentennial’s Craftsmens’ Series. Their work will be available for purchase at the restored Elias Church on South Fourth Street and Quarry Road during Christkindl. The special Christmas fair will be held in Mifflinburg, December 13, 14 and 15.

Scott Baylor will be inside the Elias Church between 3-9 PM on Friday December 14 and Bill Clemens will be working at his forge outside the building on all the days of the event. Mr. Baylor has done a limited edition tin berry bucket patterned after one by the late Laurelton tinsmith, Samuel Bingaman. Mr. Clemens has forged a set of marked and dated iron ladles, spoons, forks, and spatulas that can be purchased as separate items or together as a marked set.

Be sure to stop and see their wares as you enjoy the Christkindl Market.


"Local tinsmith Scott Baylor cut, rolled, and crimped tin using patterns from Samuel H. Bingaman’s 1800 shop in Laurelton to make berry buckets.  Twelve of the limited edition of 50 were sold. "