Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zacheus Pieresol (Pierce) Lytle 1811-1889

NOT the father of Sarah Lytle who married Alexander Aikey.  I do not know who the Sarah is in the census, but she is not listed in the will of Piersol Lytle.

Disclaimer - Relatives tell me that Pieresol was Sarah's father.  I find a Sarah in the 1860 census that is the correct age, living in his household.  But in 1870 the girl that is the right age is now listed as "Ann".  There is also an Ann in 1860, so there are two children, one named Ann, one named Sarah.  But either Sarah is listed as Ann by mistake (Ann should be 16 in 1870 - she is listed as 12 - the age we expect Sarah to be in 1870) or she is not listed at all.  Sarah's death & funeral notices do not list her parents, and I do not yet have her death certificate..  so I can't prove this lineage at this time.

Old Coaly with original owner Piersol Lytle in the late 1850s

Zaccheaus Pieresol Lytle
son of Isaac & Jane (Piersol) Lytle
Born Sept.13,1810 
Died March 23,1889 
married December 18, 1839
Lydia Johnstonbaugh
daughter of
Born 1815 (according to tombstone)
Died  Jan. 16, 1872


*Jane P. (1839-) m. WhippleIsaac (1841-1842) 
*Charlotte (1844-1845) 
*Susannah J. (1845-1846) m. Burcfield*Andrew Jackson (1846-1847) 
*John H. 1849-1910
*Mary C. (1851-1852)  m. J.B. Ard
*Moses Thompson (1853-1854) 
* Margaret Ella (1854-1855)  m. Dreese*Annie m. Kabella buried at Pine Grove
*named in his will
1839Brother Andrew Died(see notes below 1850 census - is Jane possibly the child of Andrew?)

1839 - MarriageDecember 18, 1839, Married Lydia Johnstonbough

18501850 United States Federal Census about Pursol LytleName: Pursol LytleAge: 40Birth Year: abt 1810Home in 1850: Harris, Centre, PennsylvaniaGender: MaleFamily Number: 1456Household Members: Name AgePursol Lytle 40Lydia Lytle 30 (if born in 1815, she's 35)Jane Lytle 11Isaac Lytle 9Charlotte Lytle 8Susannah Lytle 6Andrew Lytle 4John Lytle 3Mary Lytle 0
Note that Piersol & Jane were married in December of 1839, according to a marriage record ref. Sprangler Collection at Pattee Library,Penn State University.  Jane is 11 in 1850, & 21 in 1860.  That means she was born in 1839- or by the estimate of the 1870 census, even 1838.  Although that's certainly possible, finding her in 1870 with Keturah (Lytle) Watts makes me wonder if she is a relative, but not a daughter of Piersol?  I really need to go look up his will.

In 1859 son Issac died, age 18.  On Isaac's tombstone, it says "son of Zaccheus & Lydia Lytle".  Persol's grandfather was named Zaccheus Piersol, it looks like his full name was Zacheus Piersol Lytle, after his grandfather.
18601860 United States Federal Census about Pierce LytleName: Pierce LytleAge in 1860: 49Birth Year: abt 1811Birthplace: PennsylvaniaHome in 1860: Harris, Centre, PennsylvaniaGender: MalePost Office: Farmers High SchoolValue of real estate: View imageHousehold Members: Name AgePierce Lytle 49Lydia Lytle 40 (If born in 1815, 45)Jane Lytle 21Charlotte Lytle 18Susan Lytle 14Andrew Lytle 13John Lytle 11Mary Lytle 10Ellen Lytle 8Ann Lytle 6Moses Lytle 5Sarah Lytle 2John Murphy 21

1870In 1870 Piersol's son John H can be found living with his sister's family - Charlotte (Lytle) & WG Obryan.  Charlotte has a child named after her father, Piersol Obryan.
The 1870 census lists Anna age 12.  In 1860 Anna is listed as age 
6, and Sarah age 2.  So 10 years later, Sarah should be age 12 and Anna age 16.  
Margaret Ella - "Ellen" is listed as age 16 in 1870, in 1860 she was listed as age 8.  If Sarah is no longer in this household in 1870 - where did she go?  I had thought her name was listed incorrectly as Anna, until I found that there IS an Anna in 1860, as well as Sarah.

1880 United States Federal Census about Piersol Lytle
Name: Piersol Lytle
Age: 69
Birth Year: abt 1811
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Pine Grove Mills, Centre, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Widower
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Piersol Lytle 69
Mary C. Lytle 24

1889 - Wrote will

Web: Pennsylvania, Find A Grave Index, 1682-2012 about Piersol Lytle

Name: Piersol Lytle
Birth Date: 13 Aug 1810
Age at Death: 78
Death Date: 23 Mar 1889
Burial Place: Pine Grove Mills, Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA



Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania: Including 
the Counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion: Containing 
Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, Etc. 
Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1898.

  SAMUEL FOSTER LYTLE, M.D., deceased October 9, 1896, occupied for a 
score of years a prominent position in his profession, and was 
recognized by his colleagues, far and near, as one of the leading 
physicians of Centre county.  He was a member of the County, State and 
National Medical Associations.  President of the Board of Health, and 
State Health Inspector for his District.  Esteemed as he was by the 
members of his profession, the people, whose good fortune it was to be 
subject to his ministrations, loved him for his sympathetic nature, and 
venerated him for his rare ability and skill.
  Possessing as an inheritance the qualities of an ancestry whose 
lineage was noble in the highest sense, not because of descent from 
progenitors of rank and title, but because of that intrinsic strain of 
valor, firmness and fineness of character, and integrity of purpose 
which is the measure of worth and constitutes true nobility and 
gentility.  He was also richly endowed by nature with a talent for the 
profession he loved and to which his life was devoted.  
  The remote history of Dr. Lytle's family goes-back to County Donegal, 
Ireland, where the name still adheres, honored and respected, and 
begins in this country with the settlement of a branch of the family in 
Lancaster county, Penn., more than a century ago, where they became-
distinguished for their patriotism during the period of the Revolution.  
Foremost in loyalty was Col. Andrew Lytle, who was commissioned  as 
colonel of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment in the Revolutionary army, 
July 23, 1781, in command of which he served with distinction, 
receiving the personal commendation of Gen. Washington, and honorable 
mention in the Archives of the State.  He was a charter member of the 
Order of the Cincinnati, and died in 1784 of camp fever.  His son, 
Isaac Lytle, grandfather of Dr. Lytle, was born in Lampeter, Lancaster 
county, in 1772, and was married in 1802, to Jane, daughter of Zaccheus 
Piersol, of Pequa Valley, a descendant of an ancient and honorable 
Scotch family in direct line from Archibald Douglas.  He removed to 
Harris township, Centre county, in 1814, where he died September 30, 
1854.  His eldest son, Griffeth, father of Dr. Lytle, was born in 1806, 
coming with his father to Centre county in 1814, where he engaged in 
agriculture.  He married Susan Foster, born in Huntingdon county in 
1812, a woman of remarkable beauty of character and refinement of


manner.  Purchasing a farm near Lemont, which is still the home of his 
eldest son, William, he resided there until 1855, when he bought a farm 
in the vicinity of State College, where his death occurred in 1875, his 
wife, Susan, surviving him fifteen years.  Of their ten children, Dr. 
Lytle was the youngest son.
  Dr. Lytle was born March 14, 1851, and from early childhood evinced a 
decided trend of mind toward medicine and surgery, which increased with 
years until in early manhood it became his passion and determined his 
career.  Graduating from State College, he pursued the study of 
medicine under Dr. J. Y. Dale, of Lemont, with the eagerness and 
intensity of one whose aspiration was to master the science.  Entering 
Bellevue Hospital Medical College as the next step forward in his 
profession, he graduated honorably in 1875.  Still bent on the 
acquirement of learning, he pursued a post-graduate course at Columbia 
College before entering upon the active duties of a physician.  At this 
time he received an appointment as surgeon in the regular army, but the 
death of his father led him to decline the position.  In the autumn of 
1875 he came to Philipsburg, rapidly acquiring a practice.  Four years 
later he married Nannie, daughter of Thomas Crissman (deceased) and 
Margaret Crissman, whose family still occupy a position of high 
standing in the community.
  With the increase of his clientage as the Doctor's popularity 
increased, the demands upon him became so great that his health 
suffered from the strain; but through his deep sympathy with others and 
his great fortitude, he bore his own suffering silently and bravely, 
ministering to the sick when needing help himself, and struggling 
against physical disability that would have broken a less heroic 
spirit.  Gentle and generous to the last, courteous and brave, he died 
literally with harness on, coming from the bedside of a patient where 
with all his skill he was fighting for the life of another against the 
dread destroyer, to yield suddenly his own life up to that relentless 
  Dr. Lytle was a man of broad culture, studious habits, in touch with 
the most advanced movements in the science of medicine, and a type of 
the scholarly professional gentleman, beloved and mourned by the 
community which he served and healed.

LYDIA2 JOHNSTONBAUGH (JACOB1)143,144 was born 1815 in Pa.145,146, and died January 16, 1872147,148. She married PIERSOL LYTLE149,150 December 18, 1839 in Rev.William Stewart. 

Notes for L
Buried Pine Grove Mills, Centre Co.,Pa; Ref. will of Piersol Lytle, Bellefonte Court House #5593. History of Centre & Clinton Counties by John Blair Linn p.325. Piersol Lytle was constable of Howard Twp., 1837 -1842. Linn's History p.209 Ref. Biographical Records of Central Penna p.394. 1840 Census lists them in Harris Twp., Centre Co., Pa. Marriage record ref. Sprangler Collection at Pattee Library,Penn State University.[noland1.FTW]


Buried Pine Grove Mills, Centre Co.,Pa; Ref. will of Piersol Lytle, Bellefonte Court House #5593. History of Centre & Clinton Counties by John Blair Linn p.325. Piersol Lytle was constable of Howard Twp., 1837 -1842. Linn's History p.209 Ref. Biographical Records of Central Penna p.394. 1840 Census lists them in Harris Twp., Centre Co., Pa. Marriage record ref. Sprangler Collection at Pattee Library,Penn State University.

More About P
cemetary: Pine Grove Cemetery151,152
Children of L

i.JANE P.3 LYTLE153,154, b. June 16, 1839155,156.
ii.ISAAC LYTLE157,158, b. 1841159,160.
iii.CHARLOTTE LYTLE161,162, b. May 26, 1844163,164.
iv.SUSANNAH J. LYTLE165,166, b. 1845167,168.
v.ANDREW JACKSON LYTLE169,170, b. 1846171,172.
vi.JOHN H. LYTLE173,174, b. 1847175,176.
vii.MARY C. LYTLE177,178, b. 1851179,180.
viii.MOSES THOMPSON LYTLE181,182, b. August 1853183,184.
ix.ELLA MARGARET LYTLE185,186, b. August 21, 1854187,188.


In 1870 oldest daughter Jane is found here:
1870 United States Federal Census about Jane Sztee
Name: Jane Sztee
[Jane Lytle] 
Age in 1870: 32
Birth Year: abt 1838
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: West Mahoning, Indiana, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Smicksburg
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Thomas Watt 46
Ketturah Watt 47
Johnston Neal 13
Isabella Neal 12
Jane Sztee 32

Keturah's maiden name was Lytle.  

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