Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Large Parade Celebrates the completion of the Road between Turbotville & Danville Pa

240 cars, and 2,500 people came out to celebrate the opening of the new road between Danville and Turbotville.  The Danville Band, Boy Scout Drums, and Bugle and Levites School of Music took part, on the beds of trucks, in the parade.

The parade formed in Turbotville, with cars joining in at Washingtonville, and a contingent from Elysburg and Mt Carmel joined in.

The Rev Mr Clark welcomed the crowd to Turbotville, declaring the day inwich dreams came true.  He predicted the road would bring neighbors closer. 

It took 5 years to complete the 2.6 mile stretch, which included 4 bridges - one 38 foot span across the Chillisquaque creek, and three 12 foot bridges.

In 1930 6 miles from Washingtonville towards Turbotville was built for $200,000.
In 1928 a two mile section from Turbotville to the Susquehanna Trail was built, at a cost of $100,000. In 1927 two miles from Washingtonville to Danville was built at a cost of $84,000.

The Morning News
Danville, Pennsylvania
Thu, Jul 27, 1933 – Page 1

Mount Carmel Item 
(Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania)
27 Jul 1933, Thu • Page 1

The new road was heralded as  a "shortcut from Williamsport to Philadelphia"

The Morning News 
(Danville, Pennsylvania)
13 Jul 1933, Thu • Page 1

The Morning News 
(Danville, Pennsylvania)
18 Jul 1933, Tue • Page 1

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