Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Friday, April 14, 2017

#2 Johannes Schmeck 1717-1762

Johannes Schmeck
Born 1717
Died  Oct. 1762
Elizabeth Sheefer
Born 10 Dec 1709 
Died 28 Sep 1782

Anna Clara
Anna Margaret

purchased land 100 Acres 23 MAR 1734 Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA
property and paid taxes BET 1752 AND 1754 Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA

Will is on file in Berks Co Courthouse, Pa.

Last Will and Testament of Johannes Schmeck

The Will of Johannes Schmeck late of Alsace Township in the County of Berks and the Province of Pennsylvania Yeoman, By word of mouth made and Declared by him in the Time of his Last Sickness and in the Dwelling House of the said Johannes Schmeck on the twenty fourth Day of October non last past. In the Presence of Us the Subscribers, Who were d?????? and ??? by the same Johannes Schmeck to bear Witness that the following was his Will.
My Will is that my oldest son Henry Schmeck shall have, to him his Heirs his offspring forever. All that my Messuage or Tenement Plantation and Tract of Land with the Appurtenances shiale in Exeter Township and the Count of Berks aforesaid.
Item. My will is that my son Valentine Schmeck shall have, To him his offspring forever. All that my Messuage or Tenement Plantation and Tract of Land shiale in Alsace Township in the said County of Berks.
Item. My will is That my Beloved Wife shall have out of my Personal Estate the sum of three hundred Pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania. And it is my will also that my said wife shall have privilege to live in and occupy the Messuage or Tenement which is on my Plantation in Alsace Township of, for and during the Term of her natural Life.
Item. My will is That my Daughter Anna Clara shall have and Receive out of my Personal Estate the Sum of Three hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania.
Item. My will is That my Daughter Anna Margaret shall have and Receive the Sum of Three hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania out of my Personal Estate.
Item. My will is that my Executors herein after named and appointed shall lay out the sum of six or seven hundred lawful money of Pennsylvania of my personal estate, To purchase a plantation and tract of land to and for the use of my younger son Jacob his heirs and offspring forever.
Lastly My Will is that my Beloved Wife Elizabeth and eldest son Henry be the Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.
Reading, Berks Co
Nov 2 1762
Dieter Beikelman
Victor Spiess


Look in - Montgomery, Morton L.. Historical and Biographical Annals of Berks County, Penns

Name: John Philip Smick
Year: 1748
Age: 30
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1718
Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Source Publication Code: 9041
Primary Immigrant: Smick, John Philip
Annotation: Contains 29,800 names, with annotations written by Krebs (see no. 4203). Various references to the names in Strassburger will be found in other listings, mostly where authors have attempted to line up their information with that in Strassburger. This work
Source Bibliography: STRASSBURGER, RALPH BEAVER. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinke. Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. 3 vols. Vols. 1 and 3 reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964. Repr. 1983. Vol. 1. 1727-1775. 776p.
Page: 387

OR - a Hessian Soldier?

Name: Johannes Schmeck
Year: 1779
Place: North America
Source Publication Code: 3067.31
Primary Immigrant: Schmeck, Johannes
Annotation: Hessian Troops in the American War for Independence: An Index According to Surname. Date and place of entry in unit books. Year of birth, place of origin, rank, unit, category of presentation, and archive code of the source are also provided.
Source Bibliography: HESSISCHE TRUPPEN IM AMERIKANISCHEN UNABHAENGIGKEITSKRIEG (HETRINA): Index nach Familiennamen. (Marburg: Archivschule) (Veroeffentlichungen der Archivschule Marburg, Institut fuer Archivwissenschaft, Nr. 10). Band II. Marburg 1976; Auflage, 1987.
Page: 141

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