Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lorentz Schmidt 1722-

This was shared with me by researcher Mel Clark  - they are his notes and comments.  Not yet connected to my research, but I keep hoping someone will read something and say "aha!  I know where the link is!"  :-)

I have kept the information (below) in case it ever proves to be relevant. There has been a 'family legend' passed down through the generations to my wife that the Schmitt/Schmidt ancestors who came from Germany came from the Heidelberg region. I was in contact with a Smith descendant some 8 or 9 years ago who had the same exact 'family legend' passed down to him. 

In a volume of The Pennsylvaina Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 1-39,1650s-1900s, Vol. XX V  "German Emigrants from the Palatinate Parishes" I (Mel) came across (on May 11, 2003) the following Schmitt family (on pp. 261-262), who came to America from Zeiskam, Germany (south west of Heidelburg) - my comments are in < >:
. . . . . . . . . . .
Lorentz Schmitt, citizen, surgeon and barber at Billigheim baptized at Billigheim 31 January 1722, son of Matthes Schmitt, citizen and town-councilor at Billigheim, and his wife Anna Maria Heckman; married at Zeiskam on14 May 1748 to Maria Helena (Magdalena) Guth, daughter of Johannes Guth of Zeiskam. After their marriage he settled in Zeiskam . According to the Germersheim records, Lorentz Schmitt's wife , because she wanted to go to the New Land with her husband and two small sons, had her inheritance paid back in 1751 . In an official document dated 4 February 1757, it is said of Helen Schmitt, nee Guth, that she "went away to America about 6 years ago." Lorentz Schmitt's wife's name appears as both Maria Magdalena and as Maria Helena. In the baptismal register of Zeiskam is found only the baptism of Maria Magdalena. At the marriage entry, "Magdalena" is stricken out and "Helena" written above. At the entry of the birth of the first child, the mother appears as "Maria Magdalena," at the second child's birth as "Maria Helena."

Children b. at Zeiskam:
1. Johann Jacob Schmitt, b. 23 March 1749, "has gone to the New Land."
2. Philipp Peter Schmitt, b. 22 September 1750

Lorentz Schmitt arrived at Philadelphia 25 September 1751 in the ship "Phoenix."  For addition al information see "The Pennsylvania Dutchman”, Summer 1956, Vol. 59. The passenger list includes a Johannes Schmitt.
End of the above record…

NOTE: Nellie Smith Beatty said that the Guth name is also related to the Henningers . I did find a Peter Guth married to Eva Catherine Troxell (1769-1851), but this Eva Catherine was only a second cousin to the Eva Troxell who married John Stofflet.

Name:  Lorentz Schmitt
Year:  1751  Place: Philadelphia
Family Members: Wife Maria Helena Guth; Child Johann Jacob; Child Philipp Peter
Primary Immigrant: Schmitt, Lorentz
Annotation: "Eighteenth Century Immigrants to America from South Palatine Parishes." Date and port of arrival, a few are date and place of first mention of residence in the New World . A re-publication of materials which first appeared in a series on Palatine emigration history: Mitteilungen zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfaelzer, supplement to the periodical, Pfaelzische Familien- und Wappenkunde, Folge 5 (1956), pp.29-36; Folge 6 (1956), pp. 37-44; Folgen 11-12 (1957), pp. 83-84.English translation appears as "German Emigrants from Palatinate Parishes," in The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, vol. 25:4 or "Pennsylvania Dutch Pioneers from South Palatine Parishes," in The Pennsylvania Dutchman, vol. 8:3.
Source Bibliography:
BRAUN, FRITZ, AND FRIEDRICH KREBS. "Amerika- Auswanderer des 18.Jahrhunderts aus suedpfaelzischen Gemeinden." In Schriften zurWanderungsgeschichte der Pfaelzer, Part 2." Ludwigshafen a m Rhein [Germany]: Richard Louis Verlag, 1956. 20p.   Page:19
See also "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" (Vol. 1-2) by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Norristown , PA, Pennsylvania German Society, 1934.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
I further searched the site for Lorentz Schmitt in America, and found a Lorentz Schmitt as taking communion at the Millbach Reformed Congregation of Heidelberg, Lancaster County, PA in 1782 &1783, so if this is the same one he was apparently still alive at that time. So far I have found nothing else. Using I found a Lorentz Schmitt recorded as taking communion in 1782 & 1783 at the Salem Lutheran and Reformed Congregation, Moore Twp., Northampton County, PA. A Maria Magdalena Schmitt took communion Oct. 15, 1807, according to "Church records from Washington Township, Northumberland County, PA" available This record was from the registry of the Schwaben Creek (Himmel Lutheran & Reformed ) Church of Washington Twp.,Northumberland County, PA 1774-1846.
There was also a Lorentz Schmidt who was a communicant at the Salem Union Church in Moore Twp ., Northampton County, PA between 1776 and 1783.

Smith's In the Egypt Reformed Church Records - More John & Hannah

I'm hoping that by researching the other Schmidt's here, I will perhaps find a connection with John.  No luck so far, but this does confirm that Hannah is Stofflet, not Sufflick.  (with a german accent, both spellings would sound almost identical)

Church located - 4122 S Church st, Egypt, Lehigh County, PA 
Records of Egypt Reformed Church
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 1734-1807 (later years included below)
Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Volume 6
1741  - Roland Schmidt
KERN, Catharina Elisabetha, dr. Georg KERN and w. Catharina Elisabetha KERN; b. -; bap. July 28, 1741; sp. Peter TRAXEL, church censor here, Roland SCHMIDT, Maria Barbara NEUHART, Michel NEUHART's wife, Luce FLICKINGER,Ulrich FLICKINGER's wife
 17 52
John Henry Schmidt son of Christian Schmidt
 REINHARD, Anna Margaretha, dr. Johann Heinrich REINHARDand w. Elisabet Maria, of Heidelberg; b. Aug. 7; bap. Sept. 28, 1752; sp. Joh. Henr. SCHMID, single, son of Christian SCHMID, of Heidelberg, and Anna Margaretha ROEDER, single, daughter of Heinrich ROEDER, of Heidelberg.
  Salome Bierly married Ludwig Schmidt (Ludwig born aft.1800)
 84. David BIERY was born in 1772 and died Jan. 7, 1827. He married Susanna MICKLEY, who was born Oct. 19, 1773 and died Nov. 21, 1872. Their children were: Peter, Joseph, David, Stephen, Margaret, wife of Peter KERN, Lydia,wife of Jonas YUNDT, Salome, wife of Ludwig SCHMIDT, Catharina, Magdalenaand Susanna,  wife of William H. BLUMER.
Records of Egypt Reformed Church  
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania   1808-1834 
Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Volume 6
 Wilhelm b July 4, son of Wilhelm &amp; Catharina Schmidt
 SCHMIDT, Wilhelm, s. Wilhelm SCHMIDT and w. Catharina; b. July 4; bap. Aug.5; sp. John KELLY and w. Elisabeth.
Wilhelm &amp; Catharina are baptising a daughter this time, Salme (named afer her sponsor)
 SCHMIDT, Salme, dr. Wilhelm SCHMIDT and w. Catharina; b. Mar. 1; bap. May24; sp. Michale BIEGY and Salme LENZ.
 Daniel and Catharina Schmidt baptise a son, Carl, the same year.  At least two Catharina Schmidts in the church at this time.
 SCHMIDT, Carl, s. Daniel SCHMIDT and w, Catharina; b. Oct. 28; bap. Nov. 21; sp. John MILLER and w. Anna Maria.
 Daniel and Catharina have another son, Samuel
 SCHMIDT, Samuel, s. Daniel SCHMIDT and w. Catharina; b. Dec. 27, 1818; bap. Feb. 27; sp. Peter NEUHARDT and w. Catharina.
18 21 
Daniel and Catharina have a daughter this time
 SCHMIDT, Sally Ann, dr. Daniel SCHMIDT and w. Catharina; b. Mar. 20; bap. June 10; sp. Daniel ACKER and w. Christina.
18 22
John &amp; Hannah Schmidt appear with thier first child
 SCHMIDT, Stephanus, s. John SCHMIDT and w. Hannah; b. Dec. 26, 1822; bap.Feb. 3; sp. John STOFLET and w. Eva, grandparents.
Jacob and Catharina Schmidt have a son Carl (3rd Catharina)
 SCHMIDT, Carl, s. Jacob SCHMIDT and w. Catharina; b. Aug. 21; bap. Nov. 11; sp. George SPAENGLER and w. Catharina.
 John &amp; Hannah Schmidt are still here..
 STOFLET, Caroline, dr. Jonas STOFLET and w. Margreth; b. Nov. 25, 1826; bap. Jan. 14; sp. John SCHMIDT and w. Hanna.
(Jonas is Hannah's brother)
Lewis and Salome Schmidt are sponsors
(this would be Salome Bierly, wife of Ludwig Schmidt, I believe)
KERN, Henriette, dr. Peter KERN and w. Margreth; b. Mar. 4; bap. Apr. 19; 
sp. Lewis SCHMIDT and w. Salome. 
Burials -
Lovina b. Jan 8, 1834d. Dec 6, 1902 Wife of Samuel Smith
Samuel  b. Sep 19, 1829d. Jan 16, 1896

Adam and Angeline Gerringer

NOT our direct line.  
Hoping to connect Angeline to  our Charles Smith

Angeline Gerringer was the brother of Charles Smith.  Angeline married Adam Gerringer.

1850 census
Name:Adam Gehringer
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1824
Birth Place:Pennsylvania
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Liberty, Montour, Pennsylvania
Family Number:190
Household Members:NameAge
Adam Gehringer26
Angeline Gehringer25
Jane E Gehringer10

So Angeline was already married and living with her husband Adam in 1850, there will be no chance of finding her in a census listed with her brother Charles Smith, since the 1840 census doesn't list names, just numbers, of the children.

I have Adam's death notice - no mention of his inlaws in it. (Not that I expected to find it there!)  Adam died on June 8th 1881, of a heart neuralgia.  He was the owner of the City Hotel in Danville at the time.  

Angeline Smith was born in 1825 in  Pa., died May 26 1898
According to the 1880 census, both of her parents were born in PA as well.

A public tree on lists Angelines place of birth as Topton, Long Swamp Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania , but it's unsourced.  Another tree sources this info with the 1870 census, but I don't see that much location given under where she was born in that census..  so I don't know.  It's something to keep in mind.

More on Adam - 

"Local builder Adam Gerringer erected the City Hotel in 1872." - from notes on the Historic District of Danville Pa

Page 360 of Historical and biographical annals of Columbia and Montour counties 
Tells about the White Swan Hotel, Adam Gerringers purchase of it and name change to the
 City Hotel, and notes that his son John K took over the hotel after his death.

Johann Adam Geringer [Parent]  was born  16 Aug 1790 in Bethlehem, Northampton, PA 
and was christened  30 Oct 1790 in Hecktown, Northampton, PA. 
He died  3 Oct 1864 in Liberty, Montour, PA and was buried  in Paradise Church, Turbot,
 Northumberland, PA. 
Johann married Hannah Catharina Kidd about 1819 in Northampton County, PA. 
He was counted in a census 1840 in Liberty, Montour, PA.

Sorting out the Schmidt’s in the Lehigh Church Records, 1750-1790

Sorting out the Schmidt’s in the Lehigh Church Records, 1750-1790

Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA
             Births/Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths  c. 1750-1790

Johan Melchior (Michael) Schmidt &amp; wife Margaretha  - both b bef 1739?
Parents of Maria Elisabeth Schmidt April 8 1759
  • Sponsors for Melchior Figel baptism  April 21 1751
  • Sponsors for Melchior Hamm bapstim, May 21 1758
  • Sponsors for Margaretha Hamm child, March 29 1761
  • Sponsors for Johanes Wetzel baptism, May 11 1766
  • Sponsors for Margaretha Trexler April 19 1772 (parents Johannes and Maria Trexler)
  • Sponsor (not with wife) of Daniel Ruch baptism, April 1798

Johan Adam Schmidt &amp; Wife Barbara – both born bef 1751
   Parents Of  Anna M. Schmidt b July 20 1771, baptized Aug 18 1771
   Parents of Johann A. (Adam maybe?) Schmidt born Aug 19 1773 baptized Oct 24 1773
   Parents of Johannes Schmidt b Nov 25 1774 baptized March 5 1775
·        Confirmed April 22 1791

  • Sponsors for Kraul baptism, Oct 25 1761
  • Sponsors for Adam Derr baptism, Oct 25 1765

    Parents of Maria Schmidt confirmed 1791 b. abt 1777
    Parents of Elisabetha Schmidt  b abt 1779
         (neither one of the above girls are listed in the baptism records, and in the confirmation they are listed with the parent AS – so this is just a guess)

Johan A. Schmidt (the Adam above??)
  • Sponsor for Friedrich Schmoyer March 16 1783.  Wife is not listed with Johan A, bur rather Regina Schmoyer as the other sponsor.  Perhaps Johan A. is Adam’s father?  Or perhaps he is now a widow.  See below

Adam Schmidt and Wife Maria (Adam above? Or child of Balthasar below?)
     Parents of Benjamin Schmidt born June 21 1789 bap 1789 (Dorthea Scmidt one of the sponsors)
     Parents of Jacob Schmidt born Jan 1 1791 bap march 6 1791 (Jacob Schmidt a sponsor)

Balthasar Schmidt &amp; Wife Barbara both b. before 1742?
     Parents of Madalena Schmidt confirmed 1776, born about 1762    
     Parents of Adam Schmidt confirmed Aug 4 1779, born abt 1766
     Parents of Johan George Schmidt, May 25 1766
    • Confirmed April 15 1781
     Parents of Jacob Schmidt –
·        Confirmed April 13 1783, b abt 1769
·        Sponsor for Jacob Schmidt baptism, March 1791
     Parents of Dorthea Schmidt born 12 May 1771, baptized 26 May 1771
·        Confirmed March 25 1785
     Parents of Wilheim Schmidt born Jan 31 1774, baptized Feb 27 1774
     Parents of Johannes Schmidt b. Jan 9 1778 Bap. April 5 1778
     Parents of Wilhelm Schmidt b. Dec 20 1780 bap March 18 1781 (Susana Schmidt is a sponsor)
     Parents of Catherina Schmidt b. March 16 1783 bap June 8 1783
  • Sponsors for Balthasar Braun baptism Dec 9 1765
  • Sponsors for Johan Philip Schmoyer baptism, July 27 1766
  • Sponsors for Maria Mots baptism, June 3 1770
  • Sponsors for Maria Hains baptistm, May 31 1773

Jacob Schmidt (not child of Balthasar, 3 Jacobs confirmed, 1781, 1783 &amp; 1789)
  • Under confirmation listing, parent “FS+” ??  My best guess would be that the F is an A, and this is a child of Adam Smith? 
  • Confirmed April 15 1781, born abt 1767

Peter Schmidt
        Parent of Jacob Schmidt
·        Confirmed 5 april 1789, born abt 1774
·        Sponsor baptism of Peter Albrecht, along with Maria Trexler, May 26 1771
·        Sponsor baptism Elisabetha Kaul Dec 13 1789

Wilhelm (William) Schmidt &amp; Wife Catherina – both born bef 1759?
    Parents of Magdalena Schmidt b June 19 1779, baptized July 25 1779

Johannes Schmidt and wife Christina both b. Bef 1763?
     Parents of Maria B. Schmidt b March 1 1783 bap March 16 1783
·        Sponsors of Susanna Trexler baptism, Nove 21 1784

Heinreich Schmidt and Wife Margaretha both born bef 1775?
    Parents of Johannes Schmidt b aug 6 1794, bap Jan 4 1795

Nicholaus Schmidt
    Parents ofGeorge Scmidt –  b. abt 1743
o       Confirmed 1757

Anna Maria Schmidt b. bef 1751?  Married Caper Hatler april 20 1772

Caty Schmidt b bef 1753?  Married John Markel Sept 5 1773

I would guess that the women below are all Schmidt wives/widows, thus the Schmidt would not be their maiden name -

Anna E. Schmidt
·        Sponsor, along with Jacob Seider, for Jacob Bierer baptism Aug 18 1771

Maria Schmidt –
·        Appears as a third sponsor for an Andreas baby in aug 1777 (only baptism where I see three people listed as sponsors)
·        Appears as sponsor for Benjamin Wetzel baptism, June 1791
·        Appears as sponsor for Anna Maria Gebel baptism, Oct 1800

Susana Schmidt –
·        Sponsor for Wilhelm Schmidt along with Wilhelm Moor, March 1781

Elizabeth Schmidt –
·        Sponsor for J. Heinrich Trees Oct 1781

Dothea Schmidt
·        Sponsor for Benjamin Schmidt in 1789

Notes –
·        Protestants were usually confirmed around age 14, Catholics about age 12 – I used the age 14 as the basis here, and it works out roughly with Balthasars children that were both baptized and confirmed in these records
·        Going by birth records, I guesstimated age 20 at the first childs birth.  That could be WIDELY off, but gave me an approximate range to get started in sorting who is who

Lehigh Church, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA
Births/Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths  c. 1750-1790
Wilhelm Figel and wf [?]
Johann Melchior Figel
c1751/21 Apr 1751
Melchior Schmidt and wf [?]
Jacb Hamm and wf Barbara
Johan Melchior Hamm
c1758/28 May 1758
John Melchior Schmid and wf Margaretha
Michael Schmidt and wf [?]
Maria Elisabeth Schmidt
c1759/8 Apr 1759
Joseph Buher? and wf Maria Elisabeth
Jacob Hamm and wf Elisabetha
Margaretha Elisabeth Hamm
c1761/29 Mar 1761
Melchior Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Jacob Kraul and wf Anna
Anna Barbara Kraul
c1761/25 Oct 1761
Adam Schmidt and wf [?]
Lorence Derr and wf [?]
Johan Adam Derr
c1765/25 Oct 1765
Johan Adam Schmidt and wf [?]
George Braun and wf [?]
Johann Balthaser Braun
c1765/9 Dec 1765
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
Henrich Wetzel and wf [?] Johannes Wetzel c1766/11 May 1766 Melchior Schmidt and wf [?]
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
Johan George Schmidt
c1766/25 May 1766
George Braun and wf [?]
Johan Philip Schmoyer and wf [?]
Johan Philip Schmoyer
c1766/27 Jul 1766
Balthaser Schmidt and wf [?]
George Mots and wf Dorothea
Maria Barbara Mots
29 Apr 1770/3 Jun 1770
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Maria Barbara
Joseph Albrecht and wf Susanna
Peter Albrecht
18 Aug 1770/9 Dec 1770
Peter Schmidt and Maria Trexler
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Dorothea Schmidt
12 May 1771/26 May 1771
Dorothea Schmidt
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Anna M. Schmidt
20 Jul 1771/18 Aug 1771
George Strich and wf Anna Maria
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Anna M. Schmidt
20 Jul 1771/18 Aug 1771
George Strich and wf Anna Maria
Michael Bierir and wf Maria E.
Jacob Bieri
23 Feb 1773/25 Apr 1773
Jacob Seider and Anna E. Schmidt
Wilhelm Hains and wf Barbara
Maria Hains
7 Nov 1773/31 May 1773
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johann A. Schmidt
19 Aug 1773/24 Oct 1773
Johannes Schever and wf [?]
Johannes Trexler and wf Maria
Margaretha Trexler
4 Dec 1771/19 Apr 1772
Melchior Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Wilhelm Schmidt
31 Jan 1774/27 Feb 1774
Wilhelm Heens and wf Barbara
Adam Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johannes Schmidt
24 Nov 1774/5 Mar 1775
Johannes Schever and wf [?]
Zacharias Andreas and wf Anna Maria
Johann H. Andreas
17 Jul 1777/9 Aug 1777
Heinrich Knobloch's wf, Johannes Klein and Maria E. Schmidt
Balthaser Schmidt and wf Barbara
Johannes Schmidt
9 Jan 1778/5 Apr 1778
George Doll and Catharina Warmkessel
Wilhelm Schmidt and wf Catharina
Magdalena Schmidt
19 Jun 1779/25 Jul 1779
Jeremiah Trexler and wf [?]
Balthasar Schmidt and wf Barbara
Wilhelm Schmidt
20 Dec 1780/18 Mar 1781
Wilhelm Moor and Susanna Schmidt
Johannes Trees and wf Eva
J. Heinrich Trees
1 Sep 1781/29 Oct 1781
Heinrich Doll and Elisabeth Schmidt
Johann P. Schmoyer and wf Magdalena
Friedrich Schmoyer
6 Sep 1782/16 Mar 1783
Johann A. Schmidt and Regina Schmoyer
Johannes Schmidt and wf Christina
Maria B. Schmidt
1 Mar 1783/16 Mar 1783
Herman Schreiber and wf Maria B.
Baltzer Schmidt and wf Barbara
Catharina Schmidt
16 Mar 1783/8 Jun 1783
Michael Hobag and Catharina Schmoyer
Johann P. Trexler and wf Rosina
Susanna Trexler
1 Oct 1784/21 Nov 1784
Johannes Schmidt and wf Susanna
Adam Schmidt and wf Maria
Benjamin Schmidt
21 Jun 1789/26 ... 1789
Jacob Heens and Dorothea Schmidt
Johannes Kaul and wf Elisabetha
Elisabetha Kaul
4 Nov 1789/13 Dec 1789
Peter Schmidt and wf Maria
Adam Schmidt and wf Maria E.
Jacob Schmidt
1 Jan 1791/6 Mar 1791
Jacob Schmidt and Anna Maria Heens
Johannes Wetzel and wf Catharina
Benjamin Wetzel
2 May 1791/26 Jun 1791
Jacob Heens and Maria Schmidt
Heinrich Schmidt and wf Margaretha
Johannes Schmidt
6 Aug 1794/4 Jan 1795
Jacob van Busckirck, Jr
Daniel Ruch and wf Salome
Daniel Ruch
24 Jan 1798/15 Apr 1798
Melchior Schmidt and Susanna Ruch
Hendrich Gebel and wf Maria
Anna Maria Gebel
7 Sep 1800/12 Oct 1800
Ludwig Sauerwein and Maria Schmidt
Confirmations, Lehigh Church ************************
FORMAT:  child, parent(s)
George Schmidt, Nicholaus Schmidt
7 april 1776
Magdalena Schwidt, Balthaser [Schmidt?]
4 Aug 1779
Adam Schmidt, Balthaser
15 Apr 1781
Jacob Schmidt, FS+
George Schmidt, BS
13 apr 1783
Jacob Schmidt, Balthaser
25 Mar 1785
Dorothea Schmidt, BS
5 Apr 1789
Jacob Schmidt, PS
22 Apr 1791
Johannes Schmidt, Adam
Maria Schmidt, AS
31 mar 1793
Elisabetha Schmidt, AS
20 Apr 1772, Casper Hatler and Anna Maria Schmidt (Upper Milford
5 Sep 1773, John Markel and Caty Schmidt*

Not Our Charles P Smith b.1835-1931

No idea where he might fit, or if he fits..  I was in the Stitzel cemetery this afternoon, which is what I consider the Truckenmiller cemetery, because usually I can find a Truckenmiller connection with everyone buried in there.  And there was this stone.  Huh.

Charles P Smith
Jan 1 1835 Jan 27 1931
Catharine E. His Wife
Oct 18 1844 Feb 20 1910
Franklin S. Smith
Feb 17 1877 Jan 21 1893
Hannah Jane Smith
Sept 7 1852 Feb 3 1941

Jonathan Smith & Ann Roberts Simpson

From the Biographies of Montour County Pa, we know -
"Mr. McBRIDE married, in Lycoming County, Penn., April 1, 1841, Miss Mary Ann SMITH, a native of Lycoming County, and  daughter of Jonathan and Anna SMITH. She died June 29, 1885, and is buried in the White Hall graveyard."

And in the 1860 census we find - 

Household Members:NameAge
Wm Mcbride47
Mary A Mcbride43
I Smith17 (b abt 1843)
Mary Smith14  (b.abt 1846)
Sarah Smith12 (b abt 1848)
William Smith11 (b. abt 1849)
Margaret Smith9 (b.abt 1851)
Emma Smith6 (b.abt 1854)
William Smith3 (b. abt 1857)
Charles Smith25 (b 1835)
Kate Manville25
(two WIlliams?  One age 11, one age 3?)

Jonathan Smith, son of Col. George Smith (Jr.) and Effie Drake, was born 22 Jan. 1770 in Montgomery County, Pa., and died 7 Apr. 1854 @ 84 yr. 2 mo. 15 days in the Muncy / Moreland area. He was married at the Neshaminy Presbyterian Church of Warwick 25 Feb. 1796 in Hartsville, Bucks County, Pa. to Anne Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Hannah Roberts. (See Simpson and Roberts Family). -page 28 Powell-Shanafelt Family History: Shanafelt Vol. III Smith-Stout

Jonathan Smith b. 22 Jan 1770, died 7 Apr. 1854
married 25 Feb 1796
Anne Simpson 1777-1832

A researcher online has the following information -
Marriage of Jonathan &amp; Ann Simpson 1796 29 Feb Neshaminy Presbyterian Church, Bucks County Pennsylvania
Anna Died in 1854
Their Children -  

Hannah Smith 1796 – 1880 (Married an Opp, buried in Muncy Cemetery)
Sarah Smith 1798 – 1879 
Eliza Smith 1800 –
John Simpson Smith 1802 – 1879 (mentioned in Grandfather George's will)
George Smith 1804 – 1858 (mentioned in Grandfather George's will) Married Margaret Follmer?
Maria Simpson Smith 1805 – 1880
Barclay Smith 1806 – 1845 Married Rachel Taggert? Died in Illinois
Effie Smith 1809 – 1878
Eliza Simpson Smith 1811 – 1811
Philip Smith 1813 – 1881
Mary Ann Smith 1816 – 1885  Married William Mcbride
Thomas Smith 1818 – 1892
Simpson Smith 1821 – 1895 (married Charlotte Opp, Children George, Allison, Clara, Thomas)
(could one of these men be the father of the children above, in the 1860 census with the Mcbrides? is this even a correct listing of the children?)

1850 census
Name:Jonothon Smith
[Jonathan Smith]
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1770
Birth Place:Pennsylvania
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Moreland, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
Family Number:1318
Household Members:NameAge
Jonothon Smith80
Simpson Smith27
Catharine Renn32
Margaret Renn16

1840 Census
Name:Jonathan Smith
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:1
Free White Persons - Males - 70 thru 79:1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1
Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves):4
Persons Employed in Agriculture:3
Free White Persons - Under 20:1
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:2
Total Free White Persons:4
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:4

1830 Census
Name:Jonathan Smith
Home in 1830:Moreland, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
View Map
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:1
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:1
Free White Persons - Males - 60 thru 69:1
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14:1
Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19:1
Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59:1
Free White Persons - Under 20:4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:1
Total Free White Persons:7
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored):7

1820 Census
Name:Jonathan Smith
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:1
Free White Persons - Males - 70 thru 79:1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1
Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves):4
Persons Employed in Agriculture:3
Free White Persons - Under 20:1
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:2
Total Free White Persons:4
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:4

1810 Census
Name:Jonathan Smith
Township:Muncy Creek
Free White Males Under 10:3
Free White Males 10 to 15:1
Free White Males 26 to 44:1
Free White Females Under 10:1
Free White Females 10 to 15:2
Free White Females 26 to 44:1
Number of Household Members Under 16:7
Number of Household Members Over 25:2
Number of Household Members:9

History Of Lycoming County, Chapter 37

Pioneers. – Some of the early settlers in this hilly land are deserving of more than a passing notice. Col. George Smith, who had served in the war for independence, located on Little Mancy creek about 1790. He came from Montgomery county. In 1796 he erected the first grist mill in the township. He had three sons and three daughters - Thomas, Jonathan, George, Annie, Hannah, and Effie. William Farr married Annie and came along with the family from Montgomery. William was reared a strict Quaker. The Smiths were equally strict Baptists. The taking of a wife of a different faith was not approved by the Friends, so William was asked to confess that he had done wrong. He could not see that he had erred, and insisted that he neither could nor would make such a confession. He considered his Annie a good Christian woman, and on reflection finally concluded that her religion was as good as his own and settled the matter by adopting her belief. Hannah Smith married Richard Barclay, and Effie married William Chamberlin; they settled with their husbands in Moreland.
Jonathan Smith, son of Col. George Smith, came to Lycoming from Montgomery county about 1795, He had married Annie Simpson, who was a sister of John Simpson, of Ohio, who was the grandfather of Gen. Ulysses Simpson Grant, the most famous of American soldiers of modem times, and twice President of the United States. Jonathan and Annie's children were therefore first cousins of the great chieftains mother, Hannah Simpson Grant. The General's proper name was Hiram Ulysses Grant, but by some inadvertence when the official document was made out appointing him a cadet to the Military Academy at West Point, his name was changed to Ulysses Simpson Grant, and the mistake was never rectified.
William Mears was not only one of the first settlers, but was the first singing master who taught the young raisers of buckwheat of Moreland how to read the buckwheat notes! Mrs. Rhoda Farr Taylor, of Rock Run, a very bright old lady who is now in her eighty-eighth year, and a granddaughter of Col. George Smith, says that she was one of Mears's pupils, and she "don't believe that the young people now-a-days have such fun as they used to have at Mears's singing school"
Philip Opp, who came with his father, John Opp, from Amsterdam, settled on Little Muncy creek, near where Opp postoffice and P. W. Opp's store and saw mill now are, some time during 1790, though he did not get a deed for his land until 1797. He has a great many descendants scattered throughout the county and far beyond its borders. His son, Philip Opp, Jr., married Hannah Smith, a daughter of Jonathan Smith, and, as we have seen, a first cousin I of Hannah Grant, the mother, of the great American soldier.

Grandchildren listed in the will of George Smith, in
George &amp; John, sons of Jonathan
George - Oldest son of Thomas
 Children of George Smith (specifies 5 children, wikipedia article below sites 6)
Amey Farr
Jonathan Smith
Thomas Smith ("my second son")
Effie Chamberlain ("youngest daughter)
Hannah Barcley
George Smith (youngest son, and "not capable")
 Two son in laws -
Richard Barcley  - husband of Hannah
William Chamberlin - husband of Effie

Will of George Smith - Jonathon's Father -
Be it known that I, George Smith, of the township of Moreland, in the County of Lycoming, State of Penna, do make this last Will and Testament, being aged and knowing that all men must once die, and leave this world, and all the property that it has pleased God to permit them to possess. Therefore having had the division of my small property under serious consideration for a number of years and have come to the following conclusion - that is to say:
I order and direct that all my just debts and funeral charges be fully paid and satisfied.
To make it more satisfactory, of the division and distribution of my property, I George Smith, do declare that:
I have deed to my Eldest Daughter Amey Farr, two hundred seventeen and three quarter acres (217) of land without aney encumbrances whereon they now live believing it to be her share of my Real Estate, in this township.
And I have Deed to my sone Jonathan Smith, five hundred fifty two and three fourth (552) acres, under an agreement that he, the said Jonathan Smith, shall keep an old family Negro, Jone, during his natural life, clear of aney expense to the rest of the estate.
Also three separate Deeds to Thomas Smith my 2nd sone, containing in the whole five hundred twenty eight and a half (528) acres, he the said Thomas Smith to afford me all the privileges in his house, and keep me as formerly, and likewise to keep my youngest sone, George Smith (who is believed to be not Composmentos and not capable of doing for himself) during life, in all necessary comfort for one of his abilities.
And Likewise, I have Deeded to my youngest daughter, Effie Chamberlin, one hundred twenty four and a quarter (124) acres, clear of all encumbrances.
As to the rest of my property, I give it in the following manner, that is to say:
1st. To my daughter, Aney Farr, my large dining room table and warming pan to her use forever.
2nd. To my sone Jonathan Smith, all my money either in cash, on books, notes, bills, bonds, or otherwise, to his own use (after paying all my debts) forever. Likewise, my Encyclopedia in seven volumes, and my large map of the United States of America and my square barrel smooth bore gun, that when his sone George shall come to years he shall own the gun. If he the said George should die before that, his elder brother John shall have it to his own proper use.
3rd. I give to my sone Thomas Smith my wrighting desk, the old Family Bible, the new map of the State of Penna, my old rifel and muskit guns, my shovel and tongs, and hand irons, and cross cut saw, and to his oldest sone George my whole instruments of surveying to be delivered to him at the age of twenty years.
4th. My having about three hundred and forty acres of Land not yet disposed of laying N.W. of William Farr, adjoining Wm. Howells S.W. of Stephen Drake supposed by old measure to be that quantity - My deseir and will is that in dividing of it two tracts it began in the line between it and Frederick or Wm. Howell, whichever it may reach to from Wm. Farrs corner in the line of Frederick Miller's land thence to extend on Miller's line into Howell's line until it shall comprehend one hundred forty acres. The new or division line to run westerly till it strikes Jonathan Smith's land on a parallel to Thomas Smith at the most Southerly end of Rachel Gills tract which joines Thomas Smith's land. The upper tract adjoining Steven Drake to contain two hundred acres my deseir is if the land should measure more or less it should be divided as 140 is to 200 for I hold, there is about that difference, the lower one next Farr's so much the best. Now it is my deseir that whenever the line of division is so run that my two son-in-laws, Richard Barcley and Wm. Chamberlin shall come to some decision which of the tracts shall belong to which of them. Either by mutual consent or by lottery in the presence of my executors of this my will to be named hereafter and when so decided, it shall be binding on each party and my will is let it be the upper tract of 200 acres or the lower tract of 140 acres shall fall to Richard Barcley and to Hannah his wife and to their heirs and assigns for ever - and likewise let it be the upper tract of 200 acres or the lower tract of 140 acres that shall fall to William Chamberlin and toEffie his wife and to their heirs and assigns for ever as in fee simple.
...and further I give to the said Richard Barcley the some of two hundred and thirty three dollars that I advanced in the payment of his plantation he now lives on and I give to Hannah his wife, my daughter her mother's round tea table, and my blew and white set of curtins, my blew bed spread, feather bed, bolster, two pillows, two sheets, a rose blanket, two coverlids, and old green rugg to her use forever.
5th. I give to William and Effie Chamberlin sixty eight dollars and a half, that I have lent to him, and is now on charge in book, and I give to Effie Chamberlin my large looking glass to their use for ever.
6th. As I have provided for my youngest sone George Smith otherwise, I hereby give to him his bedstead bed and bedding complete as he now occupies them during his natural life and after his death to become his brother Thomas Smith's forever.
7th. As I have some other property not expressly given I do hereby will and deseir that all my household and kitchen furniture and all my books and papers of every denomination that is not already given to be equally divided amongst my six children share and share alike to be for them and their use for ever - All my tools for blacksmith, carpenter, laths or cooper or of what kind so ever to be equally divided between Jonathan and Thomas Smith, my two sones.
8th. As I have two shares in the Salt Company of Lycoming County I therefore do will that each of my five children that have married and settled, to wit, Amey FarrJonathan SmithThomas Smith,Hannah Barcley and Effie Chamberlin have two shares equally share and share alike, as also the Land and Heriditaments their of belonging to them, their heirs and assigns for ever as in fee simple. My will further is that if either of the said five children or their heirs or assigns should neglect or refuse to comply to pay or otherwise their full share shall be forfeited and become the property of the other that does comply.
And lastly, I George Smith do constitute and appoint my two Sones, Jonathan Smith and Thomas Smith, my two executors of this my last Will and Testament, to have full power to do perform all the matters and things that may be required of them as true executors, and further, I do hereby impower as above described and directed to them, their heirs and assigns as fully so, as I could have done in my lifetime and I do hereby revoke and disannul all former wills made by me, declaring this to be my last Will and Testament ritten by my own hand on three pages of paper and signed at the bottom of each page with my own name - in thereof, I have set my hand, George Smith

FROM WIKIPEDIA,_Pennsylvania#Moreland_Township
Moreland Township
Moreland Township was formed from part of Muncy Creek Township in 1813. It was divided into three townships in 1822. One part kept the name Moreland and the other two parts were called, Penn and Franklin Townships.
There are several stories about how Moreland Township got its name. One story states that an early pioneer to the West Branch Susquehanna River Valley was climbing up and down the hills and upon reaching the top of a hill exclaimed, "more land!". Another story relates to the "sloppiness" of the earliest land surveys. An acre was not necessarily measured accurately. These particular acres were larger than they were supposed to be. The early settlers liked to say that they got "more land" to the acre here than they could have elsewhere. The last story, which seems to be the most likely reason, relates to an arcane definition of moreland, meaning "a hilly country."
A veteran of the American Revolutionary War was the first settler in Moreland Township. Colonel George Smith migrated to Moreland Township from Montgomery County in 1790. He built a gristmill there in 1796. Smith and his wife were the parents of 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. The marriage of his daughter, Annie to a Quaker named William Farr causes some controversy in the early history of Moreland Township. William Farr came from a strict Quaker family and they did not look kindly upon his choice of bride. The local Society of Friends congregation insisted that Farr confess that he had done wrong in marrying outside his faith. Farr refused to do so, he insisted that his Baptist wife, Annie, was a good Christian woman. Farr was forced to choose between his Quaker faith and his Baptist wife. He chose his wife and converted to the Baptist faith. Colonel Smith's son, Jonathan also had a marriage that proved to be interesting. He married Annie Simpson. Annie Simpson was the sister of John Simpson of Ohio. John Simpson was the grandfather of Ulysses S. Grant. Grant achieved fame as a general for the Union during the U.S. Civil War and later became the 18th President of the United States. This family bond meant that many of the residents of Moreland Township in the mid 1800s were second cousins to the man who served as their President.

George's Service Record
    Lt. George Smith was elected Lt. Col. of the First Battalion of the Philadelphia County Militia in 1779; on March 12, 1777 appointed Sub Lieutenant for Philadelphia County; on December 22, 1778 appointed agent for confiscation of estates; in 17780 he was elected and served as Representative to the General Assembly from Philadelphia County.  In 1781 he was again elected to the same office.  Upon creation of Montgomery County off Philadelphia County, he was elected in 1784 to the same office for Montgomery County.  Colonel George Smith was directed to attend to the surveying of Hog Island.  A letter from Colonel George Smith to President Reed dated March 30, 1787 in Penna Archives vol. 9 page 42 and dated Assembly Room asked about the division of the Island.  For further references see Penna Archives.  Colonel George Smith was born in Hunternon County, N.J.  When 4 years old he moved with his family to North Carolina.  When he was 16 years old he moved with his family to Philadelphia County where the family lived during the Revolutionary War.  Later (after the war) he moved to Lycoming County, Penna, where he died.
    In Colonial Records vol. (?)1 page 248(?) (old series) also page 608; vol.12 page 210.  In Penna Archives vol 8 page 52, vol. 3 pages 724 &amp; 725, vol. 12 page 298.  Penna Archives series 12 page 752 (elected Lt. Col.) Old series page 298,vol.12 Colonial Records, also vol. 13, page 85 and vol. 14, page 229 showing Col. George Smith elected representative to the General Assembly.