Genealogy has become a hobby for me over the last 10 years. For me, it's like a puzzle, I love fitting the pieces together. But over the years, I've researched a lot that does not pertain to our family lines. Some for extended family, some for close friends, and some because I was trying to rule out lines to figure out where our line went exactly. I do not want these notes on my Heather's Genealogy Notes blog - because they are not our lines. But I do like to share all of my research, in case it benefits others. That is what this blog is for - research I have done that does not apply to our own family lines, but may be helpful for someone else.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Zeigler Line to Lester E. Lewis

In most instances, I found the spelling to be  before i - but I did find it both ways.  Zeigler/Ziegler.  Barnhart Ziegler came to America when his daughter Elizabeth was 12, so around 1846/7.  I did find a ships list with a Barnhart arriving in 1846 to Baltimore, but belive it or not, Barnhart Zeigler is not a completely unique name, so I can't be sure it is him.  I find no trace of the family until 1849, when Elizabeth is baptized in a church in Lycoming County.  Her brothers Frederick and Henry are even more elusive, there is not much I could find on the family as a whole, but I have not been to the Lycoming Genealogy room to see what might be there, and I have not looked at any wills yet. Charles Zeigler, son of Barnhart, was born here in America, in Lycoming County PA.  He had 11 children, and 6 of them never married.

Many of the Zeiglers are buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery, a trip there to view the tombstones may add additional information.

George Michael Zeigler
Kristina Knottel

Elizabeth 1820 – 1892

Mariah "Jennie" Arp 1856 – 1928

Maude M. Zeigler 1880 – 1958

Anna J. Henry 1903 – 1954 
Charles Francis Lewis 1896 – 1955

Lester Eugene Lewis 1922 – 1982
Mary Ellen Shook 1927 – 2011

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