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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Children Of Lewis Aikey

Rough Draft - Work In Progress

Lewis Aikey 1789-1862

Both Lewis Aikey Jr, & Robart Aikey, sons of Lewis Aikey Sr, are my great great great grandfathers.  (my great grandparents, Mary Alice Oberdorf & Paul Aikey were 2nd cousins)

I started writing up a history of Lewis Aikey, attempting to track how many of his children and grandchildren served in the civil war, how many of them married into the same families,  where they lived, and what they died of and at what age, and also to possibly find out more about why so many of them moved to Illinois & Kansas.  It's going to be a long term project, but I'm enjoying it.  For the process, I'm working on a brief history of each of his children, and grandchildren.  Nothing too in depth, but I need to see who they married, where they lived, and if they served, to get a full picture of the family of Lewis Aikey & Jane Reed.

One of my projects is to map out where each of the children & grandchildren served in the civil war.  At least 3 of Lewis' grandchildren died in the war.

As I was working, I realized that I am not even remotely the expert on any of these lines, and that there are others out there who know so much more than I do.  So I'm putting my VERY rough work online, and will update it as I work on it, so that others have the opportunity to give input, and even write their own additions.   I hope that those of you researching these lines will all give your input, we'll end up with a much better story that way.  

A Working Time Line Of The Mens Civil War Service & Major Battles, Here:
A Google Map Of  The Locations of the Aikey Children & Grandchildren, Here:

Adam Aikey 1810-bef. 1860
Robert Aikey 1817-1881
Benjamin Aikey 1820-1900
Sarah Aikey 1821-m. Alexander McDowell
Fanny Aikey 1825-1862 m. Alexander Francis
 Thompson J Aikey 1828-1905 m. Elvina Catherman
 Lewis 1826-1907 m. Mariah Strayhorn
 Jacob Aikey 1834-1910
 George Aikey 1830-

Died before 1860 - Before Age 50
Where did Adam Live? Where is he buried?

Adam Aikey married Catherine.   Although only Robert, Martin, Samuel & Peter are mentioned in the orphan court records of their grandfather Lewis Aikey, the 1850 census tells us they also had daughters named Ann, Jane, & Mariah.

All 4 of the boys enlisted in the civil war, with Robert dying from a gunshot wound received in battle, and Samuel dying in a home for disabled veterans.  By 1860, Robert, Martin, Samuel & Peter are in Illinois.  Martin is married to Leah, Samuel is living with the Daniel Mook family, and Peter is living with the Peter Pickle (Daniel Mook married Ruth Pickel, and later Adam’s brother Benjamin married a Catherine Pickle) family.  All 3 boys enlisted and served in the civil war, with regiments from Illinois.  Samuel died single, in a home for disabled veterans.  Record states that Samuel enlisted to serve in the Civil War (Freeport Illinois, Company B) May 24 1861, re-enlisted, then was discharged in 1865. On March 20 1878, he was admitted to the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers NW Branch min Wisconsin  .  Adam’s son Robert also went to Illinois, and died while serving in the civil war.  Private in Company G, 46th Illinois Infantry. Mortally wounded at Battle of Shiloh on 6 April. Died in Regimental Hospital 9 April of gunshot wound. 

 I can find no death certificates in Pa between 1906 and 1936 for any children born to Adam Aikey, so either the girls all died before 1906, or they moved to another state as well, or they didn’t list parents on their death certificate.  I have not been able to find Catherine or any of the girls after the 1850 census.

Catherine, Ruth, & Peter Pickel were all children of Simon Berkaw Pickel & his wife Elizabeth.  
Catherine married Benjamin Aikey, brother of Adam Aikey, both sons of Lewis & Jane Aikey.
Ruth married Daniel Mook, neighbor of Lewis Aikey, and Samuel, son of Adam (grandson of Lewis) lived with them in 1860
Peter moved to Illinois about the same time as Daniel Mook and his sister Ruth (Pickel) Mook, and in 1860  Adam’s son Peter (brother to Samuel) is living with Peter Pickel’s family.

Transcribed from the MILLER - MOOK FAMILY HISTORY written by Larry & Judy Miller - 2005:
"  Simon was born in New Germantown, Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1789.  He was christened on April 10, 1789 as the son of Baltus Pickel III and Catherine Mucklow.  Evidently Catherine Mucklow Pickel was baptized into the German Reformed Church on the same day as her son, Simon.
Simon and Elizabeth (unknown) were married about 1812 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Nothing is known of Elizabeth or her parentage.
Simon's grandparents were German immigrants who settled and died in New Jersey.  Simon purchased a small farm in Union County, Pennsylvania and resided there until 1850 when he moved his family to Illinois.
Sometime before 1860 Simon died in Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois.  Elizabeth, aged 71, was still living with her son, Peter Pickel and his family in the 1860 census for Stephenson County.  It is not known when or where she died but probably in Stephenson County, Illinois.  "

(4 of Lewis grandsons in the civil war - 1 died in service)

Where did Robart Live

Both Lewis and his brother  Robart are direct line ancestors for me, both are my 3rd great grandfathers.  My great grandmother descends from Robart Aikey - Lewis/Robart/Christian/Mary Alice Oberdorf.  (My great grandfather descends from Lewis - Lewis/Lewis/Alexander/Paul Aikey)

Robart Aikey married Lavina Reichenbach.  They had 7 sons and and 1 daughter.  Their son Robert died within 2 years of his birth, and two of their sons, Jeremiah & William Henry, both died in the war.  Jeremiah as a prisoner of war, and William in battle near Fredericksburg. Zachariah was the only son to return home from the war.  Ephraim & John were too young to serve, and there is no record of Harrison serving.

Jeremiah served as a   private into Company E, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment enlisting on 22 February 1864. He died as a prisoner of war in Andersonville. 

William Henry died near Fredericksbug.   "I sent a faithful detail in serach of our lost comrades.  Lieutenant Kepler was left in command and I accompanied Lieutenant Fichthorn with a detail.  Privates William H. Aikey, George W. Lashells, and Henry Stees were known to have fallen, and many others were sorely wounded.  We failed to find Aikey; but several days after we returned to the old camp, when we continued our searched, we found his grave plainly marked with name, company, and regiment, in a field hospital burial ground, near the river, not far from Fredericksburg.  He was doubtless taken up and carried to the rear by our faithful ambulance corps."

Harrison was 2 years older than Zachariah, but there is no record of him serving.  He married Catherine Alice Reish and remained in the area.

Zachariah Enlisted as a private, 51st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, and after his enlistment he returned home and remained in the area.

Ephraim, too young to enlist, married Sarah Ellen Spotts and remained in the Forest Hill area. John, also too young to enlist,   married Sarah Zellers in 1873, then moved to Illinois.

Christian Aikey, my great great grandmother, married John George Oberdorf & remained in the area.

(3 of Lewis grandsons served in civil war, 1 died in service)

Where did Benjamin live?

Benjamin Aikey married Catherine Pickel. (see note on the Pickel connections under Adam Aikey)  We learn from the census that neither Benjamin or Catherine could read or write - which may be why they are listed with the last name Kerr in the 1860 census.

Fannie S. Married Jeremiah Jared Struble, and after his death, married Jacob Shultz.  Both of her husbands served in the civil war.  Fannie died in the Danville Hospital for the Insane.

 Martha Jane Aikey married John Barnhart. Rachel Aikey married Andrew Glenn and went to Ohio. 

 William A. Aikey married Harriet Leathers, they remained in Center County PA.  

 Mary Alice Aikey married first Franklin Young, then after his death she married James Potter Gregg II. She died in Mifflin County PA.

Lewis married Charity Almeda Miles.  Born in 1845, there is no military marker on his grave, and he would have been a little young to serve, I think it is safe to say that all records for Lewis Aikey in the civil war belong to his Uncle Lewis Aikey.

Theodore Benjamin married Sadie Swope, they remained in Centre County Pa.

Curtin Legrand Aikey died of “consumption” (tuberculosis)age 19, in Centre County PA. Legrand? Where did that name come from?

*Double Check this line - problems.  Especially look close at Kerr census & all the children.

William B.
Died 1873, Age 50
Where did William Live?

William B. Aikey married Rachel White.  Children Levi, Henrietta, Lucinda & Edward.
Lucindas death certificate lists william as her father, but lists her mother as unknown. She married Hugh Swartz & is buried at Mazeppa.  

Levi married Frances Iola Leathers on July 4th 1876.  Sometime after that, they went to Kansas, where Levi died in November of 1879, just one month after his son Levi Roy Aikey had been born.  His son Levi jr, died at 4 months old, and was buried in centre county pa, leading me to believe that Fannie returned to Pa after Levi’s death.

The Leathers Connection - Add


To Do:
List regiments for each that served in Civil War
Find a way to map where everyone went in Kansas & Illinois
Start a Map of where the children lived
Check death records, age at death, cause of death, where buried for each family


Civil War Service

1. Adam - Died before war began
  • Robert
  • Martin
  • Samuel
  • Peter
2. Robart - age 44 in 1861
  • Jeremiah
  • William Henry
  • Zachary
3. Benjamin Aikey - Age 40 in 1861
  • Fannie - both of Fannie's husbands served in the civil war
  •       Jeremiah Struble - 
  •       Jacob Shultz
4. Sarah Aikey - Died in 1862 - no research done on this family yet
5. Fanny  Aikey - no research done on this family yet

6. Lewis Aikey - Co K 51 Regiment PV, 10/15/1862-7/27/1865

7. Thomas Aikey - Co. D 208th Regiment PV 9/5/1864-6/7/1865
8. George Aikey - Age 31 in 1861 - no research done, no immediate indication of service

9. Jacob Aikey - no research done, no immediate indication of service

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